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Huston delivers new signage for Silo Storage in Indianapolis

Silo is a new storage facility in Indianapolis that provides the highest level of security
for cars, trucks, and motorcycles. They are a first-of-its-kind collector of exotic vehicles
in the Indy area offering concierge car storage, conference rooms, and even a luxuriously
outfitted bar. Silo caters to the most prestigious car owners and offers a lavish setting
for storage and admiration of the automobiles.

The logo design of Silo was provided by Willow Marketing of Indianapolis with the
aura of "elite class" in mind. The logo is comprised of bold lettering and an eagle design.
The eagle represents authority and leadership while its shield embodies security and refuge.
The wings complete the aesthetic and mimic a car emblem.

When it came to material choices of the signage, we knew it had to make an impact.
The "SILO" letters are front-lit and back-lit reverse channel letters with the faces being
routed silver aluminum with ½" push-thru white acrylic and illuminated with white LEDs.
These letters are baffled and back-lit with red LEDs. The eagle is also front-lit and
back-lit. The face of the eagle is routed, backed with white polycarbonate and illuminated with white LEDs.
The eagle is baffled and back-lit with red LEDs. The eagle reverse channel logo is painted red.
The lettering reading "AUTO CLUB AND CONSERVANCY" are non-illuminated reverse channel letters.

Huston's graphic design team provided the scaled rendering and material specs for the fabrication of the signage.

We provided a smooth installation using a 2-man crew with a bucket truck to get the job done.

Huston's Account Executive, Mike Ford, spearheaded this project and brought it all together beautifully
with his communication between the customer, designers, manufacturers, and installers.

Huston Signs provides and installs electronic message centers, channel letters, architectural letters,
monument signs, pylon signs, neon signs and blade signs. Huston has physical locations in Kokomo,
Lafayette and Indianapolis, Indiana. Huston Inc. was founded in 1939 and has divisions specializing in electrical contracting and service, home and business automation, telecommunications, visual communications and signage, generators and compressors. To learn more about Huston, please visit us

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