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Huston Signs' Solution for NOVA Sign

We've added another sign to the Lafayette skyline! These 5' tall reverse-lit "NOVA" channel letters are sure to catch your eye at the newly constructed NOVA Towers. In case you're interested to learn more about the how's and why's of this project, then read on:

We were faced with one "small" challenge, with the elevator shaft being on the interior side of the tower. By having the channel letters back up to the elevator shaft means there was no electrical access, no place to store the LED power supplies, or the ability to access them for future service. The facility owner had originally wanted the NOVA letters to be flush on the building, but we knew that was easier said than done. In order to provided illuminated signage in this location, we had to build a backbox for the letters.

To accommodate the size of the channel letters, the backbox was fabricated at 7'h x 23'w. We mounted the letters to the face of the backbox and did this in-house due to the detailed nature of the process. You can see from the photos that each letter is stud-mounted using stand-offs and the electrical whips are pulled through to the back of the sign. The whips are then connected to the LED power supplies, which are housed inside the backbox and can be accessed through the sides of the box when future service is needed.

When it came time for installation, Steve Boles (Project Manager), Joey Sheets & Rylee Lipinski (Journeyman Sign Technicians), and Alex Intriago (Apprentice) utilized Huston's 87' crane and 2-man bucket truck. As always, they did great work!

The backbox really provided a lot of benefits as far as storing and accessing the power supplies. It's also beneficial that the smooth finish of the aluminum allows for better light distribution of the LEDs than the brick would have. As far as the electrical solution, the general contractor ran conduit on the outside of the tower. The conduit blends in so well with the brick that it's hardly noticeable.

Thank you to Sub4 Development & NOVA Towers for choosing Huston Signs to provide you with great looking channel letters!

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