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New Sign for Grant’s House in Lafayette

We were truly honored to work with Grant's House in Lafayette, Indiana on the design, build, and installation of their signage. The project included a multi-tenant pylon sign, a large wall sign & interior letters, but more about the sign details later – let us tell you first about Grant's House and the tremendous value they bring to the Lafayette community.

Grant's House honors the life and legacy of Grant House, a remarkable young man who despite his own disabilities lived life on his own terms and in service to others, inspiring a community to share his vision of a place where children with special needs could flourish. Grant's House is the home of Wabash Center's Youth Services, designed to meet the needs of children with disabilities or special needs, helping them and their families navigate life's transitions, connect to valuable resources, and learn skills that will help them achieve their dreams. Grant's parents & siblings have dedicated their lives to carrying on his legacy, and it's truly inspiring to witness all that they have done & continue to do to help others.

When Grant's mother, Tamara House, contacted Huston in the winter of 2020 we knew we were about to embark on an adventure. Tamara dreams BIG and her visions for "whimsy" looking signage were unlike any we had done before, but we were totally up for the challenge! After a wonderful meeting & tour of Grant's House, our graphic designer ended up knocking it out of the park by capturing Tamara's ideas in the form of signage renderings. Everyone was so excited, and we were finalizing plans, but then COVID hit, and the project was put on a hold for almost a year. Fortunately, though, in the spring of 2021, we were able to pick up right where we left off. Our manufacturing team brought these amazing design concepts to life, and we installed the signs just a couple of months later.

The project included a 3'h x 16'w single-face LED sign cabinet with multicolored digitally printed graphics that stand out so incredibly well against the white building. The coloring of this print at nighttime is even more amazing – you just have to see it.

The very whimsy multi-tenant pylon sign measures 12'h x 8'w, with the "Grant's House" lettering and roof peak routed out of aluminum and backed with white acrylic. The tenant panels are polycarbonate with translucent vinyl, so all logos illuminate very nicely. It's important to take note of the aluminum shrouding with its continuous multicolored gradient.

Above the interior entrance to Grant's House, we installed brushed aluminum letters.

Huston is very fortunate to be involved in a lot of cool projects, but every now & then there's a really special one like this that makes an impact and stays in your heart forever.

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