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Refurbished Signs for Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites

In early 2020, Jarett Hagy with Lodge Design reached out to us to work on a new project. We have a long-standing relationship with Lodge Design and worked with Jarett several times before. This project was to revamp signs for the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites. Lodge Design passed along the information they retrieved while preforming surveys of each existing sign along with the new, preliminary design. In total, there were nine different sites across the state of Indiana that would receive a revamp of their existing signage. After considering the information from each survey and the preliminary design of the new signs we put together a cost-effective plan to revamp each sign. Discussions took place with our team and Jarett to determine the best plan of action. It was determined that we could reuse the sign structure for each sign, saving the customer time and money.

Although we were eager to help Lodge Design complete this project, unfortunately it seemed to line up with the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. After a short pause due to the pandemic, we heard the project was ready to start up again and that they had approval on the design of the new signs. It was time for us to produce and install the signs for Lodge Design and the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites. Each sign would need some onsite work in preparation for the new signs to be installed.

In the before photos, you can see the existing design of the signs. The plan to reuse the sign structure was first to remove the circle icon and the arch on the top of the sign. Next, the posts and existing sign structure would be sanded and repainted. After consulting, the decision was made to leave the existing panel and use it as a mounting backplate for new pieces of digitally printed dibond. The new design was printed directly on the dibond panel. Directly printing to substrate helps ensure the longevity of the sign for longer rather than applying vinyl graphics. One by one, we completed the sign revamps by installing the new dibond panels and recapped the posts. To add a nice finishing touch, our team even took time to cover each screw head with vinyl matching the background of the sign.

The majority of the signs were similar in the way they were designed, except for one. The Limberlost State Historic Site digital sign in Geneva, Indiana, did not look like the other signs. This sign was composed of digitally printed translucent flex faces with digitally printed acrylic panels for the pole covers. This sign also received a nice revamp with updated colors and a fresh design. Overall, we were happy to see the completion of this project. We love being able to see the transformation of these signs in the before and after photos.

Thank you again to Jarrett Hagy with Lodge Designs and Julie Schaefer, Vice President of Marketing and Communication for the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites, for choosing Huston! Next time you are visiting the Indiana State Museum and any of their historic sites across the state make sure to take note of the new signs marking each location!

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