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Digital Sign Design Board 101: What Every Business Needs to Know

In the modern era, we are surrounded by smart technology, from our smartphones and smart cars to our wearable devices. Even our signage is getting smarter thanks to technological advancements. All of these elements shape the world around us and influence how we interact and get our information.

The U.S. Digital Signage Market is expected to grow from $7.87 billion in 2023 to an astonishing $11.5 billion by 2028. This demonstrates the growing demand for digital signage options in business sign trends.

Designing a sign for your business is vitally important. To discover more about digital sign design, keep reading below for further insights.

Choose Your Sign's Purpose and Message 

The message and purpose of your digital sign can greatly influence your sign design. For instance, are you using your sign for a specific advertising purpose? Or is it being used to enhance your branding efforts?

You will need to specify whether your digital sign will be an indoor or an outdoor sign. You'll want to determine whether you want an LCD or an LED sign since this can also impact your sign design.

There are many different types of signs available as well. Some other types of signs include wayfinding signs, menu boards, video walls, and window displays. Electronic message centers are popular forms of digital signage for schools and businesses.

Determine Appropriate Size and Resolution 

Sign size is an integral part of digital sign design. You don't want to choose a sign size that is so small it's easy to overlook completely. At the same time, you'll want your sign size to be visible without being overpowering.

Your sign's resolution also affects its visibility. A high-resolution screen helps to maintain the clarity and sharpness of content. This is especially true for viewing from long distances.

A low-resolution digital screen will result in a fuzzy and pixelated image. Low resolution is even more apparent on larger screens. 

Create High-Quality Content 

Once you've determined your digital sign's purpose, message, and resolution, you need to work on crafting high-quality content.

A study found that digital signage was effective at enticing 76% of consumers to enter a previously unvisited store. What's more, is that 68% of these consumers were led to make a purchase based on attention-grabbing signage.

This shows the power that effective and high-quality sign design can have. Therefore, it's essential to utilize high-resolution images and graphics. Doing this ensures that your content appears crisp and professional-looking.

You should also choose legible fonts and keep the text concise. Only use key details that are necessary. Avoid overcrowding the screen with too much information.

Focus on Branding Consistency

Digital signs can be a great way to enhance your business's brand awareness. Be sure to incorporate branding elements into your sign design. You'll want to include unique brand aspects such as logos, color schemes, and fonts.

It's also crucial that your digital sign design reflects the overall look and feel of your business. You don't want something that looks too over the top or feels out of place.

Maintaining a consistent brand image in your digital signage is important. It helps your business stay on brand across all your marketing channels.

Ensure Prime Placement and Visibility 

Your digital signs have the power to bring in valuable customers and help your business stand out. So, it's of the utmost importance that you place these signs where they can be seen the most. It doesn't make sense to go through the hassle of designing a sign if no one sees it.

Consider the ideal placement of your digital sign in relation to your business. You'll want to factor in variables like the flow of foot traffic as well as any potential obstructions. You'll also want to ensure proper visibility from multiple angles by your target audience.

Perform Regular Content Updates 

 In the fast-paced digital world, businesses need to be able to rapidly adapt and evolve. Staying relevant and ahead of the competition is of the essence. The same goes for your digital sign design.

A trait of good sign design is keeping consumers in the loop about current sales and promotions. Consumers don't want to see you advertising a Christmas sale in March. This can make you appear out of touch as a brand.

You will need to regularly keep your digital signs updated with fresh and interesting content. This allows you to stay engaged and relevant with your target audience.

 Follow Compliance and Design Regulations 

Digital signage often has to maintain compliance with specific sign design regulations. These rules and regulations vary based on state and county-specific ordinances and most digital signs require permits.

Some areas may have regulations in place dictating the brightness of your digital signs. You may also have to follow certain rules regarding the height and overall size compliance of your sign. Failure to follow these regulations can result in hefty fines or the removal of your sign.

Educating yourself on these rules and regulations will help you ensure your sign design is within the proper parameters.

Conduct Sign Maintenance and Upkeep

Your digital sign is bound to need repair once in a while. It could be anything from a burnt-out lighting element or wear and tear from the elements. A broken or worn-down sign can reflect poorly on your business.

Inspect your digital signs for any issues. Check for areas that aren't lit properly. You'll also want to troubleshoot to identify potential technical issues that could be causing your sign to malfunction.

Regular maintenance and upkeep will ensure that your sign design stays looking its best over time.

Illuminate Your Digital Sign Design with Huston Signs Today 

You've put so much into your business to make it a success. Digital signs can help your business stand out for all the right reasons. The right digital sign design can make your business truly shine.

Huston Signs in Indiana understands the importance and impact great signage can have on your business. We've been around since 1939 and are a trusted part of the communities we serve. From design, permitting, installation and maintenance and more, we do it all!

If you're ready to make your digital sign design stand out, contact Huston Signs to request a quote today.

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