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If you've been following Huston Signs for a while, you've probably realized by now that we are a big proponent of supporting local businesses in the areas we serve. Connecting and building relationships with other small businesses is something we thrive on, and we share in the excitement when others succeed. An example of this is seen in the growth of the recently dubbed "Neighborhood Corner" in West Lafayette that houses Brokerage Brewing, Craft Eats, and The Russell Company.

Brian Russell first reached out in 2017 for signage for The Russell Company and new startup, Brokerage Brewing. The Russell Company is a real estate team that has been serving the Greater Lafayette area for over 40 years. Brokerage Brewing is "an intentionally small brewery, offering West Lafayette an exceptional place to share life and local beer" (we couldn't have said it better if we tried!). For their signage, we provided and installed illuminated blade signs with custom brackets to the wood columns and ran the necessary electrical.

In 2020, Craft Eats made its debut with a FULL menu of delicious appetizers, pizzas, sandwiches, entrees, and desserts. A new establishment means more signage, right? So, Huston provided and installed a blade sign with the same custom bracket as the originals, as well as a single-face sign cabinet. By this time, you might think they had all the signage they needed, but not quite…

This property sits close to the corner of Sagamore Pkwy W. and N. Salisbury, so it's truly prime real estate, but they needed a sign to advertise all three businesses that could be seen from the intersection. The Russell Company's lead designer provided the design concept, and from there a multi-tenant pylon sign came to life with overall dimensions of 16'h x 7'w. The foundation was done using hydrovac excavation and setting a 24' long steel pipe in concrete approximately 8' underground.

We could not be happier with the outcome of their new pylon and are blown away by the positive feedback we've received in the short time the sign has been installed. Brian Russell had this to say, "Huston Signs has helped us with multiple sign projects around our building, featuring unique shapes and a variety of installations. Each project has been successfully completed. Always on time. Samantha has been a great communicator and helped us to get all the necessary permitting complete, even before the contract was signed. What great customer service! We can't recommend Huston enough!".

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