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Huston Races to Complete PRI's Tight Deadline

Huston was happy to work with The Performance Racing Industry, commonly known as PRI, to install signage for their new location in Indianapolis' Speedway. We asked Erika Stafford, Executive Assistant at PRI, to tell us a little bit more about the company, "The Performance Racing Industry builds, promotes, and protects the racing community. We are well known for producing our world-class auto racing trade show in Indianapolis, Indiana, as well as the award-winning monthly business magazine. PRI was purchased by SEMA in 2012 and has rapidly grown ever since. The company is based in Aliso Viejo, California, and decided to expand our roots to the racing capital of the world by adding an office in Speedway, Indiana. And that's where Huston came into play!"

Huston was ecstatic when this amazing company gave us the opportunity to help them out! PRI's Stafford said, "We purchased the building in December 2021 and knew we wanted to get the office building updated and up and running before the month of May. Extremely tough timeline to work with, but Huston made it happen and over delivered!" Although the timeline was tight, Huston managed to run electrical, provide and install two video boards and an exterior wall sign. Our parent company, Huston Electric provided a new breaker box. Additionally, Huston Electric extended the circuits to power the new electronic message centers. Watchfire produced these single-sided video boards at 2.4mm, creating one of the highest definitions Huston Signs has ever installed! We are thankful for Watchfire as they flew in a technician to assist our team with the install. Finally, we installed an exterior wall sign containing internally illuminated face lit channel letters and non-illuminated letters.

Both Huston and PRI were happy with the turnout of the project as put in Erika Stafford's words "I'm super grateful for the personal friendship I have with Mike Ford that allowed us to begin this conversation. Huston Signs' overall professionalism, communication, and work ethic is top notch. They went over and above for us at PRI. Amazing customer service from start to finish! Mike took the lead on full communication with our general contractor, and kept us in the loop on every detail, change, and plan. Mike also connected us with Watchfire Signs and made PRI's vision of adding video boards into our lobby space a reality! Huston Signs made it all happen on a timeline that no one thought was possible! PRI is forever grateful for this amazing business relationship with Huston and the special piece they played in making our Grand Opening a hit!" Huston enjoyed working with Erika and PRI to complete this project for their grand opening the Friday before the Indianapolis 500!

Check out PRI's Grand Opening Sneak Peek Video to see our team install their channel letters:

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