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New Signage for We Care in Kokomo

Most every town has something special that it's known for whether it's certain landmarks, restaurants, or community events. For Kokomo natives, there are probably a few different things that come to mind, and most likely We Care is one of them. We Care has been a staple in our community for as long as a lot of us can remember & they're celebrating their 50th year this Christmas season!

For those that aren't familiar, We Care is a non-profit (all volunteer) organization with 100% of all funds raised disbursed to selected local organizations that provide various types of assistance to those in need at Christmas time. We Care's largest fundraising effort is their annual 48-hour telethon held each December. The telethon is made possible with the help of more than 700 volunteers and last year We Care raised over $517,000!

We Care recently moved to a new location, right on the main thoroughfare, so having great looking signage was a must. Huston Signs was very excited to work with the We Care board on ideas for the building & monument signs. We went over different design & lighting options and ultimately landed on an internally illuminated We Care logo for the main entrance and a monument sign with reader board, so they can advertise their different events. The faces of the monument sign are pan formed for durability, include embossment for the lettering & logo, and the red paint color matches their branding perfectly.

We Care has done so much for our community over the past 50 years, and we enjoy helping when we can. The Huston team specifically has been a part of the Trim-a-Tree Festival for several years, and we love the camaraderie it provides for our employees. Thank you, We Care, for all you do & congratulations on 50 years!
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